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'In the past seven years, tourism figures have fallen by 80,000. Since the year 2000, the numbers of tourists visiting for cycling holidays here has fallen dramatically from 130,000 to 50,000. 

Bad road signage and dangerous cycling conditions caused by cars travelling at higher speeds on Irish roads are being blamed for the decline'.

(more information)

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'The challenge of the next few years is, above all, to close the gap and to optimize the existing bicycle path network. When regions plan new bike routes that meet the necessary criteria and to develop them into exciting products, naturally there can also be further support for new bike paths for tourists. After developing an extensive base network with various levels of construction quality, the main objective should then be optimization of the existing main bicycle routes.

Another critical requirement, as a complement to the infrastructural measures, is to develop (or further develop) the bike paths into tourist products and exciting theme paths, together with the contributing partners (tourism organizations, businesses, other service providers…).
In the summer of 2004, a “Bicycle Path Coordination Group” was set up by the State of Lower Austria with representatives from tourism (Lower Austrian advertising, ecoplus, Department of Tourism), the Department of Roads and regional planning to exchange information between departments, for development discussions and to coordinate thematic areas of action (construction, planning, development of tourism offers and advertising, measurement of frequency of use, marketing research...)'.


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'A mass bicycle hire scheme, said to be the largest of its kind in the UK, has been officially launched in Blackpool'.

(more information)

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‘The state's first designated bikeway, the 130-mile Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway between Champoeg and Eugene, has had some new route tweaks and is now mostly marked on the ground, just in time for the busy riding season.

A project by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, the Oregon Department of Transportation, Cycle Oregon and local communities, the bikeway will be promoted by tourism agencies through a four-part, Web-based map to help cyclists navigate the valley.

Additional bikeways are in the planning stages around the state, with a recent $50,000 grant from Cycle Oregon helping out. And, Travel Oregon will launch its "everything bikes" Web resource guide in May at traveloregon.com/bike.

Next on Oregon tourism's green agenda: completion of the Central Cascades Geotourism Initiative, a partnership with the National Geographic Society and local tourism groups along the spine of the Cascades, from Washington's Mount Rainier to Oregon's Crater Lake.

"This project is about developing sustainable tourism infrastructure and leaving a light footprint," said Travel Oregon's Dahl.

Through community workshops and tourism industry recommendations, a map guide and Web site (thecentralcascades.com) is under development, with completion expected this fall.

"The project will identify features in our region that make us unique in the world," Dahl said. "It will help locals understand their sense of place and identify ecological values they want to maintain. Visitors will learn about sustainable travel options in a designated geographical region."'

 more info

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'Cycle tourism is booming in the Czech Republic. At least, that’s how it appears from the rate at which cycling routes are expanding. There are now more than 37,000 km of bicycle routes and trails in the Czech Republic, according to a survey by CzechTourism. That is roughly the same as in Germany, which country is 4-1/2 times larger'.

(more information)

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CHARACTERISTICS OF BICYCLE TOURISTS (Exclusive Data Based On Bike ON Tours Customer Survey, Canada)

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'If cycle tourism is developed correctly in New Zealand, tourists' spending in that area could double to $640 million a year, new research by the Ministry of Tourism suggests' (more information 1 and 2). 


Full report here

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'The Israeli government will invest NIS 20m over the next two years in promoting the cycling tourism industry' (more information)

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O tema do turismo ciclável está a merecer uma crescente atenção. 

Na mesma semana em que Portugal organiza a sua 1.ª conferência sobre 'O Lazer e o Turismo Ciclável', a Austrália promove a sua conferência anual sobre o tema (Australian Cycle Tourism Conference Program – 9Nov.).

Para além destes eventos, no início da mês de Outubro organizou-se, próximo de Girona, o 'Congrés de Cicloturisme Costa Brava' (programa) e no início do presente ano o Canadá realizou o 'Ontario Cycle Tourism Forum'.




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